Monday, May 3, 2010

Stitches South Report & Wellington Update

Stitches South was alot of fun. I spent two days with knitting friends looking, learning and laughing. Because I already have tons of yarn, I resisted buying any for as long as I could ;-) What I did purchase were Big Stitch needles from The Bagsmith. We're talking humongous needles here - I plan to use them to make rugs, wallhangings and other large items. Yay - my favorite!

We learned that Stitches South will return to Atlanta next year, so keep that weekend in April free for fiber fun.

And here's Welly wearing his new harness - stopping to eat some hay and then cruisin on the porch. He's had a chance to talk a walk outside and likes to pause and eat some fresh grass now and then. He has lost the sight of both eyes, but does very well gettting around in familiar settings. It is a challenge these days to keep him groomed and keep the pollen out of his wool ;-)